By 2030,
mental health will be the biggest health concern in developed countries.


By 2030,
mental health will be the biggest health concern in developed countries.

disguised as skincare

  • Changing the conversation around acne. No stigma. No shame.
  • Encouraging conversations about mental health.
  • Making an impact by donating to mental health charities.

Many hands make
right work

20Talk mental health with Boring Without You, Skincare that Talks

20talk tackles mental health differently. With suicide remaining that biggest killer for young people aged 16 - 40 years old, 20talk creates new, engaging, and innovative ways to bring mental health education to the community.

20talk is made by young people, for young people so they know what works.

Whether this be pub gigs or festivals, community challenges or workshops – 20talk understands the needs of young people and tailor their approach accordingly.

Since 2018, 20talk has established itself in the social media space, gaining an enormous following by all those who want to proactively protect their mental health. 20talk is on a mission to make mental health as commonplace as physical health so come and join the journey.

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